The path to milk regards

Hello, how are you?


“It was a coincidence that I started delivering milk.”
One day when I was concerned about the health of the poor elders living around Geumho-dong, I thought that I could take care of my health with the milk delivered every day.
The beginning was'Sharing love's milk'.

If more than two milks are accumulated, please contact the community center.


Then one day, I found milk accumulated at the door. Milk delivery, which started to protect the health of the elderly living alone, was a signal to say hello to prevent loneliness.

Individual donors' hearts gathered


With the support of a single writer, he continued to be a “milk woman”, but after three years, financial difficulties arose. Nevertheless, I couldn't stop delivering milk, so I asked the church to say'milky women' and join us. At that time, surprisingly, they began to gather as many precious hearts as they needed to say hello.

“I'll join the milk department”

I got my first sponsor


One day, a person told me that I would like to join the regards of milk. At that time, rather than a small company that made a deficit, it was Kim Bong-jin, CEO of the People of Delivery.

He promised to sponsor a large amount every month.
So I got my first regular sponsor.

Establishment of a foundation created by people, a corporation

December 2015

One day when I was delivering milk with the help of a company, I came from'Goldman Sachs', which was connected with'Delivery of the People of Delivery'. At that time, I explained in detail about'Yuan Yu', and after a while, I sent a donation with a message containing my heart.

From that time on, I began to worry about being able to ask more professionally and systematically, and eventually founded a corporation.

Thank you for your strong support.


In order to prevent loneliness, news of the elderly living alone asking for greetings with milk began to add warm touch to many companies.

The day when milk regards were greatly encouraged


He said that in the fall of 2017, the city of Seoul rewarded those who tried to help their neighbors.

At this time,'Delivery of milk asking for the best regards of the elderly' received a special prize to the heart of the world, in recognition of their efforts to prevent loneliness.

And now,


Thanks to the grateful support, Holosa continues to say hello to the elderly.

On the way to say hello
Please join us.