People together


Chairman Oksu Central Church

The flowers we planted are taken out of our minds. I received a flower long ago without any effort, and it made us know why we have hands and feet. We just handed out the free flowers.

Kim Bong Jin

Elegant brothers

One milk doesn't soothe all loneliness, but don't forget that there is always someone beside you who asks for you.

Jaehyun Lee

Goldman Sachs

We hope that joy and emotion will be delivered to the elderly.

Beomjun Koo

15 minutes to change the world

We are changing the world by delivering milk with love.

Park Yonghoo


Few people are born alone. However, when leaving, it is life that anyone can leave alone. With a little consideration, we can prevent ourselves from leaving alone. A little milk can make the world warm.

Seonhee Kim

Maeil Dairy

Every day, we dream of a happy world with a pack of milk. I wish I could lead to the love and health of the elderly.

Seungwoong Jang

Ten Mines

Have a cup of milk comfortably ^^ We will greet you every day.

Seol Min Seok

Dream child

It is not respect and compassion that should be given to the elderly, but'respect' and'thank you'. I hope our mindset has not changed.

Hyunwoo Park


Every precious elder, everybody is healthier every day, and if you laugh more often.

Byeongcheol Shin

Intermediate Campus

In a glass of milk, I also hope to be healthy and happy.

Bae Jeong-ho

Esher Corporation

The milk delivered daily contains the warm heart of many neighbors. May the elderly always be healthy and happy.

Sungho Choi

Sookmyung Women's University

A bag of our precious milk nurtures the health and happiness of the elderly.

Daejun Kang

Insight Partners

We deliver health, regards, and love to our elderly people through milk delivery.

Na Sang-gyun

Joe's Food

I don't want to put anything great in the milk asking for seniors' regards. It is just a pure heart that wishes you to be healthy for a long time. That's it.



긍정적이고 선한 영향력! 서로 간의 작은 관심과 배려가 세상을 좀 더 살기 좋은 곳으로 변화시킬 수 있는 힘을 믿습니다.



작은 우유 한 통으로 보일지 모르지만, 그 안에 담긴 마음은 작지 않습니다.

A strong sponsor

Each ward office that connects the elderly

Those who deliver milk to seniors