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For those who need a unique milk safety certificate at the end of the year

Good morning. It is <Delivery of milk asking for the safety of the elderly>.

When the company requests to submit a unique ID, you can download it by entering the form below.

① My Sponsorship: Access by authenticating with the registered mobile phone number when sponsoring

② Receipt of donation-Documents to be issued by the issuing institution (* at the top of the box)


Regarding milk donation receipt application and issuance

Hello patrons:)
It is fortunate to say goodbye to the elderly living alone thanks to the supporters' attention, even in the cold winter.

I'll guide you through the application for the issuance of a milk receipt.
If you are interested in issuing a donation receipt, please log in to [My Sponsorship] at the top right and enter your information.

① My Sponsorship: Access by authenticating with the registered mobile phone number when sponsoring

② Member Information> Donation Receipt: Personal Information Update

③ The next day can be checked (however, inputs after 9 pm can be checked after 2 days)

④ After issuing, you can access [My Support] and click [Contribution receipt] to check and print.

* Those who need to register a new mobile phone number to hlsong201905@gmail.com
Please leave your name and contact information and we will proceed with the update.


Terms and Conditions

Thank you, patrons, for supporting the milk delivery asking for the regards of the elderly.

As of July 29, 2019, terms and conditions are established to clearly state the methods and procedures when using the homepage of sponsoring members.
If you do not express your intention to terminate the contract within one month after the notice of these terms and conditions, you are deemed to have agreed to the enactment.
If you do not agree with the enacted terms and conditions, you can request to withdraw your consent through the Operating Bureau (02-2282-1009).

Effective Date: 2019. 07.29

We ask for the best regards of the elderly living alone every morning with the precious donation you sent.
thank you.

Good job!


2018년 안부 결산 보고 & 2018 기부금모금액 활용실적명세

2019 donation utilization statement

(사)어르신의 안부를묻는우유배달_2018연간 기부금 모금액 활용실적명세

2018 Milk Regards Settlement Details

From January to December 2018, we delivered milk every morning to the elderly living alone.
We disclose the donations you sent over the past year, milk prices delivered to seniors, and operating costs.


Milk Regards Newsletter 2018 vol.3


Milk Regards Newsletter 2018 vol.2


Milk Regards Newsletter 2018 vol.1

We also delivered milk to the elderly as a precious donation sent to you this month. Thank you.


Lee Sun-ye's love story of her grandmother's hat (January 10, 2010)

Photo of Lee Sun-ye's grandmother's hat love story article

[Mission Life] At the end of the year, a grandmother visited the church with a bunch of woolen hats. Church workers were not immediately aware of who the grandmother was. Grandma said she was grateful for giving milk for 5 years, and she said she had made a hat for her to thank her. Traders have not been able to speak to unexpected gifts for a while. The bell hat told me that love gives birth to love. ◇Church's love = Oksu Central Church stands on the hillside of Oksudong-gil, Seoul. When the church was founded in 1970, the town was very poor, and there are still many poor people in the midst of a redevelopment wind. Pastor Yong-Ho Ho, who was appointed as the second homeroom in 2001, made'the church that saves the region' a priority in pastoral policy. He started a scholarship welfare project in earnest with a seed money of 20 million won, which was given to an old saint to use as a settlement fund. Many saints joined in unison. The elderly saints who spend their pocket money on their children also paid 10,000 won and 20,000 won each month.

So far, Oksu Central Church has been sharing rice of love, supporting the electricity bill for the elderly living alone, providing lunch for children who are underprivileged, and providing scholarships to poor students. A church with a Chengdu 30% level of less than 1 million won per month, but spends 70 million to 100 million won a year for neighbors. 'Sharing love's milk' is one of them. Since January 2005, milk has been provided every day to 120 families living alone. “The most important purpose of the church is sharing and love,” said Pastor Ho.

◇Grandma's love = Sun-ye Lee (72) Grandmother lives in a room on the 3rd floor of an apartment house near the end of city bus 421. When you climb a narrow, steep staircase that is hard for anyone to pass, there is a grandmother's two-pyeong room. It is a place that should be emptied when redevelopment comes in.

One day, the members of Oksu Central Church came and said that they would add milk. Since then, 200 ml of white milk has been delivered. As a substitute for breakfast, my grandmother drank milk with diabetes medications and high blood pressure medications. After 20 years of staying alone in Buyeo, Chungnam, my grandmother was very grateful for the'Daewoo' I received from the world for the first time.

Last summer, my grandmother decided to return. He went to Dongdaemun Market and bought more than 100,000 won of used Japanese clothes. It was a lot of money for him to live with basic living security support. The grandmother unpacked the clothes one by one and prepared cheap and high-quality yarn. And Hanko Hanko took off the hat.

From morning to evening, three hangs were made each day. When the winter came after autumn, 100 caps were completed. The grandmother brought the bell hat to the church at the end of the year. It was heavy to lift all at once, and divided it into 50 pieces, put it in a plastic bag, and carried it twice. This bell hat was evenly distributed to the church's preschool and elementary school children. Pastor Ho also wore his own hat during the sermon. “I am sorry that the pastor and the people of the church were so grateful for nothing,” Lee said. “I am going to make and present this year.”

On the 10th, the grandmother attended the Sunday worship service. "I didn't go to church yet because I didn't open my mind, but I wanted to go to a church where people live." Pastor Ho promised to present a beautiful Bible to his grandmother. Kookmin Ilbo Mission Life Reporter Ji Hoil blue51@kmib.co.kr

[Source] – Kookmin Daily
[Original link] – http://news.kmib.co.kr/article/view.asp?arcid=0003051332


Warm regards, Milk Regards Sponsor's Night 2017

In November, a place to express gratitude to those who supported, the Night of Sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare was held successfully.
Thanks to the warmth of the sponsors and patrons who seated us, we were able to end the year well.


Medi Food's Sponsorship for the Elderly