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Warm regards, Milk Regards Sponsor's Night 2017

In November, a place to express gratitude to those who supported, the Night of Sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare was held successfully.
Thanks to the warmth of the sponsors and patrons who seated us, we were able to end the year well.


Medi Food's Sponsorship for the Elderly


A corporation <어르신의안부를묻는우유배달> Homepage open

Hello. A corporation <어르신의안부를묻는우유배달>is.
A corporation that asks the elderly living alone with milk every morning <어르신의안부를묻는우유배달>This homepage has been opened.

This space will be used as a place to convey news of sponsorship, such as how and where the precious donations you send each month are used to the elderly.

I hope to be able to say hello to the elderly living alone in more areas through the homepage.
Thank you very much for joining us.