Good morning. It is a milk delivery that asks the regards of the elderly.
Thanks to the warm heart that he sent us in 2020, Holosa said hello to the elderly.

I was informed by text regarding the issuance of a simple donation receipt.
Those who have updated their personal information (resident number) for issuing a donation receipt on My Page by December 31, 2020
You can check it right away from the National Tax Service Hometax Year-end Settlement Simplification Service.
(If you access'My Support' at the top of the homepage, you can also download it)

If anyone forgot to update and missed the update, it would be annoying
You must download and submit your donation receipt.

  1.  Please update the'My Support' information.

    ① Homepage of the Milk & Safety Department> My sponsor (
    Access by authenticating with the mobile phone number registered at the time of sponsorship

    ② Sponsor Information> Donation Receipt: Personal information update

    ③ Now, when the person in charge proceeds with [Issue], it is over!

    You can download the donation receipt after 10 am the next day. (Issued every day at 10 am)

  2.  You can check and print by clicking on [Contribution Receipt] again by accessing [My Support].
  3. If you made a deposit without a bankbook.
    Please apply for a donation receipt by email (

* For other inquiries, please email (